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Oscar Kjell is the author of "Sustainable Well-Being: A Potential Synergy Between Sustainability and Well-Being Research". He is currently conducting research for a PhD at Lunds Universitet where he is further investigating the concept of Sustainable Well-Being. He explores the potential spreading of different concepts of happiness/well-being within social networks. He also gives presentations on Sustainable Well-Being.

Karen Beckwith Wadey completed the MSc in Applied Positive Psychologist in 2011 and is now training to become an Educational Psychologist on the Doctorate in Educational Child Psychology at UEL. Previously she has taught in both primary and secondary schools in London and overseas. Her research interests are in Positive Educational Psychology, particularly looking at differential susceptibility to positive interventions in schools and community projects. She is also interested in Art and well-being and Nature and well-being. She has trained as a teacher of mindfulness with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) and is the positive psychology associate of Beanii which is a children's well-being community project.