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About Us

Sustainable Well-Being is an independent and voluntary think-and-do initiative which is scientifically based and especially inspired by the peer-reviewed article ‘Sustainable Well-Being: A Potential Synergy Between Sustainability and Well-Being Research’.

-We challenge mainstream modes of living and in different ways we seek the answer to the question: How can we pursue happiness in a sustainable way?

We present and draw on the latest research in psychology, sustainability, sociology, economics, and beyond. We aim to inspire diverse discussions and actions to promote a way of life characterized by Sustainable Well-Being (for example see Theory & Definition). We represent an innovative and passionate platform for practical ideas and solutions that enables individuals to get involved in creating and pursuing a life that is both sustainable and characterised by happiness and well-being.
Certainly we want to influence policies, yet we are not affiliated with any political party. We encourage everyone’s participation and co-creation, from all parts of society.
We promote the increase in well-being based on the interconnectedness between people and the planet. With your help we can enhance Sustainable Well-Being in your life, community and in the world.

This website offers a platform for the expression of differing ideas and opinions and therefore contains texts and discussions expressing opinions which do not necessarily reflect the ideas of everyone else.


Karen Beckwith Wadey and Oscar Kjell met at the University of East London when completing the MSc in Applied Positive Psychology. We decided to create this website and its content when we realised we had overlapping ambitions to explore a more caring and compassionate well-being which focuses not only on the individual, but others and nature too.

Special thanks to the following Contributors & Co-Creators

Fernando Arias for most of our pictures.


Sustainable Well-Being was first introduced in the peer-reviewed journal Review of General Psychology, 2011. The article can be downloaded here.

That an article is accepted through a peer-reviewed process means that it has been thoroughly evaluated and critiqued by other independent experts and researchers. This ensures high-quality research, solid methodology and academic integrity.

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