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Sustainable Well-Being explores lasting happiness as if nature and other people matter.
It highlights the importance of a sustainable lifestyle that is environmentally friendly and socially advantageous.

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We are a scientifically based think-and-do initiative inspired by the peer-reviewed article ‘Sustainable Well-Being: A Potential Synergy... Read more >

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What is Sustainable Well-Being?

Sustainable Well-Being promotes individual happiness in conjunction with a sustainable lifestyle that is environmentally friendly and people orientated. Sustainability is a kind of logic, a holistic way of thinking about and acting within the world as if other people and nature matter as much as the individual. We want to base our pursuit of happiness on this ‘holistic logic’. Rather than just self-centred self-help, Sustainable Well-Being accounts for individuals' interconnectedness with the world.

This website is a think-&-do initiative that encourages the exploration of Sustainable Well-Being. Here you can read about scientific research and interact through discussion. You can also get our tools that are specifically designed to explore and spread Sustainable Well-Being.

Our Aims

Sustainable Well-Being is based on the two scientific areas of sustainability and well-being. The two fields separately aim to increase well-being; together they can strengthen this aim. Our aims involve:

  • Enhancing awareness of the pursuit of happiness and its diverse impact on the individual, others and nature (Theory and Definition and Interconnectedness)

  • Being informed by You about happiness by discussing holistic paths to well-being (Discuss)

  • Enhancing interconnected well-being by facilitating the awareness and conditions that help people pursue Sustainable Well-Being (Action)